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event : Frank Harte festival 2011

“Those in power write the history
and those who suffer write the songs,
and given our history
we have an awful lot of songs!”
Frank Harte

image of An Goilin Traditional Singers Club Frank Harte Festival - full details on An Góilín website


Teacher’s Club (Club na Muinteoiri),
36, Parnell Square West, Dublin 1

Activities include

  • Singing Sessions
  • Singing Workshops
  • Illustrated Talk : ‘Recording the Story of Ireland and its People with Frank Harte’
  • Grand Concert
  • Walking Tour : ‘From Ashes to Zozimus’

Invited Guests

  • Donal Lunny, Kildare
  • Roisín Elsafty, Galway
  • Mairtín O’Connor, Galway
  • Peta Webb and Ken Hall, London
  • Michael (Micil Ned) Quinn, Armagh
  • Nollaig Ní Laoire, Meath
  • Joe Mulherron Derry
  • Roisín Gaffney Westmeath/Dublin
  • Eóin Warner Cork
  • Kathleen MacInnes, Scotland

Full details can be found on the An Góilín website.

image of An Goilin Traditional Singers Club An Góilín
Traditional Singers Club

Image of Frank Harte Festival 2011

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