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‘What’s on’ with Jerry

“The Great only appear great
because we are on our knees.
Let us arise!”
Jim Larkin

Jerry’s diary

YEAR 2011

September 23 - 25, 2011 (weekend)

Frank Harte Festival

October 1, 2011 (Saturday)

Dance workshops & information
Preparation for International Ceili Project (June 27 - July 1, 2012)

October 5th, 2011 (Wednesday)

Set Dancing Meets the Younger Generation

at East Wall Youth Centre
7.00 - 9.30 pm

Jerry is to share the skills of Irish set dancing with the younger generation.

The older generation of dancers, including Jerry himself, may learn a thing or two at the same session.

October 19th to November 6th 2011

American Trip

November 11 - 14th 2011

Free Reed weekend

November 18 - 20th 2011

Félite Amhraníochta an Chlair, Spanish Point , Co. Clare

December 2nd 2011

Launch of new CD, Havoc in Heaven

Date is provisional, more details later.

December 6, 2011 (Saturday)

Session with the Pipers

at Cobblestone Pub,
Smithfield, Dublin

Jerry has been invited to sing as a guest at this session.

December 10, 2011

Letterkenny and Derry NAFCO

A second workshop with Mats Melin and Jerry O’Reilly will be held on Saturday 10th of December, 2011.

We will be in touch before then to confirm the time and venue.

YEAR 2012

March 23 - 26th, 2012

Inishowen Ballad and Folksong Seminar

April 16 - 21st - 26th, 2012

UK tour with Jim MacFarland

Some dates still to be confirmed. More details later.

June 27 - July 1, 2012 (weekend)

International Ceili Project 2012
part of the North Atlantic Fiddle Convention (NAFCo)
which will take place in Derry and Donegal

Jerry’s Diary PAST (reference)

coming up soon

and more news

dates for your diary

October 1 2011 (weekend preparation for Convention in 2012 )

NAFCO Ceili Convention

Image of NAFCO Ceili Convention

NAFCO Ceili Convention organised for 2012. Jerry along with interested dancers are invited to participate. See Jerry if you are tempted. There is no fee.

October 19 - November 6, 2011
(2 weeks)

Jerry’s American Trip - blog

Image of American map itinery

I go on the trip of a lifetime in October, and I’ll be keeping a diary of what unfolds! I think online they call it a blog, so I am to become a regular blogger. I’ve been called some things in my time, but this is breaking new ground!

stop press!

November 2011 - Due release

Jerry O’Reilly’s new CD

Image Jerry’ new cd Havoc in Heaven

This is the label of the new CD currently in production.

Below, the cover of the booklet accompanying the CD containing a great deal of historical background to the songs.

Image Jerry’ new cd Havoc in Heaven

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