Fenian Blade

Sung by Jerry O’Reilly

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sung by
Jerry O’Reilly
(Cullerlie 2007)

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I am a bold undaunted youth Joe Brady is my name
From the chapel of North Anne Street boys, one morning as I came
Who should I spy, to my surprise, but Moreno and Cocaide
Said one unto the other: “There goes our Fenian Blade”
I did not know the reason why they ordered me to stand
I did not know the reason why they gave me this command
But then I saw James Carey there, and I knew I was betrayed
But I’ll face death before dishonour, like a true born Fenian Blade
For they marched me up North Anne Street boys, without the least delay
And the people standing on the path, it filled them with dismay
My sister said “I’ll see you Joe, if Mallin gives me leave
But keep up your heart for Ireland, you’re a true born Fenian Blade”
For it happened in the Phoenix Park, all in the month of May
Lord Cavendish and Bourke went out, to see the polo play
James Carey gave the signal boys, a handkerchief he waved
But he gave full information, about our Fenian Blade.
It was in Kilmainham prison, the Invincibles were hung
And Missus Kelly she was there, lamenting for her son
She threw back her shawl and she cried to all:
“Though he goes to a lime-pit grave
My son was no informer, he died a Fenian Blade”

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