“All the songs are living ghosts
and long for a living voice”
Brendan Kennelly

Image of Bold Jack Donohue Bold Jack Donohue
Jack Donohue was born in Dublin in 1804. He supported Irish nationalism and at the age of 20 was sentenced to be transported for life to New South Wales

Image of Robert Emmet Bold Robert Emmet
Robert Emmet, a leading member of The United Irishmen, the last man to be hung drawn and quartered

Image of Spanish Lady The Spanish Lady
The ramblings of a young man through the city, naming the various places he visits which are evocative of my youth

Jerry O’Reilly’s new CD

Image of Jerry O'Reilly

November 2011 - Due release

Image Jerry’ new cd Havoc in Heaven

This is the label of the new CD currently in production.

Below, the cover of the booklet accompanying the CD containing a great deal of historical background to the songs.

Image Jerry’ new cd Havoc in Heaven

Released 2003

image of CD cover for Jerry OReilly

Down from your thrones”
“Down from your pulpits“

Willie Clancy Festival, 2008

Jerry sings Moreton Bay

but in which pub?

Jerry O’Reilly

Jerry sings at Willie Clancy Festival

“For three long years I was beastly treated,
And heavy irons on my legs I wore,
My back with flogging was lacerated,
And oft-times painted with crimson gore.
And many a man from downright starvation
Lies mouldering now within the clay
For Captain Logan he had us mangled
Upon the triangles of Moreton Bay.

Oh Moreton Bay you’ll find no equal
Norfolk Island and Emu Plains
At Castle Plains and cursed Toongabbie
And all time places in New South Wales.”

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