The West Clare Train

Sung by Jerry O’Reilly

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sung by
Jerry O’Reilly
(Cullerlie 2007)

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Come pay attention for a while, I wont detain ye long
’Till I sing to you a verse or two, of this new comic song
It’s all about the West Clare Train that goes back to Loop Head
And when that you are landed there, you’d wish that you were dead
This is the way it jogs along, about a mile an hour
The only thing its good for, is to save you from a shower
I own it is a holy show, twould break your very heart
I hope to God they’ll sell it soon, and lease an old bread cart
There are excursions every Sunday, as you may plainly see
From the famous Ennis station, to the cliffs at sweet Kilkee
I know you’d rather walk it, than go in this cursed train
For no matter how fine the day will be, twill surely draw the rain
It leaves Ennis at eight o’clock, to move along the track
You know it is the merest chance, if ever you get back
For the engine might get punctured, or lock-jawed in the mouth
Or it might lose its wheel-gauge, or the pistons might fall out
It first jogs on up to Ruan, and the first thing there you’ll see
Branded on a placard is, Lipton’s famous tea
To pick up some passengers there, it sometimes gives a call
But every time it stops there, sure, it knocks Maloney’s wall
It then jogs on to Willbrook, and there it stops also
To pick up a famous passenger, by the name of Pairicín Crowe
Sullivan gives orders, with his new railway hat
And his face all spotted over, just like a pock-marked cat
We went one Sunday to Lahinch, the weather it was fine
Sullivan gave orders, he’d be back at half-past-nine
But when returning home that night, I’m sure he must be blind
For he never saw the station, and he left us all behind
He got some new spuds at Miltown, and likewise some fresh beef
When passing Lahinch station, he was snoring fast asleep
I’m sure they disagreed with him, and they made his belly swell
For when passing Willbrook station he cried: “This is the Golf Hotel”
Well he’ll soon be out on pension, and for him we’ll buy a mule
To drive around the station like, a celebrated railway fool
Or we’ll put a sign around his neck, drop a penny in the slot
And in thousands then they’ll come to see, this Railway gone to pot
Now to conclude and finish, and end this wretched scroll
I hope to God they’ll sell it soon, and not be wasting coal
Or else they will repair it, or lease an old bread cart instead
And I also say we’ll rue the day, we went back to Loop Head

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