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“The Great only appear great
because we are on our knees.
Let us arise!”
Jim Larkin

Image of Breandan Breathnach Breandán Breathnach

“His endeavour, to set up a sound archive which would somehow be the basis of a National Archive of Irish Folk Music.
Breandán’s greatest wish was fulfilled with the founding of the thriving Irish Traditional Music Archive in 1987”

Image of Frank Harte Frank Harte

He believed passionately that those songs which documented and commented on local events were the unwritten history of the Irish people

Image of Johnny O’Leary Johnny O’Leary

Johnny O’Leary’s reels, jigs and hornpipes are generally part of the broader national store of music

Image of Tom Munnelly Tom Munnelly

He encountered the traveller John Reilly in Boyle very early on and quickly realised how important John’s songs were

Image of Hugh Shields Hugh Shields

“It has been the good fortune of Ireland that he used his many talents, predominantly for the collection and study and publication of Irish traditional song and music, especially that of his native Ulster”Nicholas Carolan

Image of Tom Munnelly portrait

Tom Munnelly, Song Collector

Jerry with Frank Harte

Frank Harte, Song Collector

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