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“Those in power write the history
and those who suffer write the songs,
and given our history
we have an awful lot of songs!”
Frank Harte

An Góilín Traditional Singers

Jerry is one of the organisers :
  1. An Góilín is reckoned to be the foremost singing club in Ireland
  2. He has acted as M.C./Fear A’ Ti at all of the major singing festivals in Ireland

Teaching Irish Set Dancing

    Jerry teaches Irish Set Dancing :
  1. Paris, Association Irlandaise, since 1988
  2. Willie Clancy Summer School since 1984
  3. Wadebridge in 1998; Sidmouth in 1999
  4. Whitby every year since 2000

Songs of History

Image of Robert Emmet Bold Robert Emmet

Robert Emmet, a leading member of The United Irishmen, the last man to be hung drawn and quartered

Image of Bold Jack Donohue Bold Jack Donohue

Jack Donohue was born in Dublin in 1804. He supported Irish nationalism and at the age of 20 was sentenced to be transported for life to New South Wales

Image of Spanish Lady Spanish Lady

The Spanish Lady has attained mythical status with generations of Dubliners. The ramblings of a young man through the city, naming the various places he visits are evocative of my youth

Image of chain gang in Australia Jim Jones

Describes the daily drudgery and degradation of life in the penal colony, and dreaming of joining the bushrangers and taking revenge on his floggers

Folk Icons : Laochra

Tom Munnelly Image of Tom Munnelly

Encountering the traveller John Reilly in Boyle very early on Tom quickly realised how important John’s songs were

Frank Harte Image of Frank Harte

He believed passionately that those songs which documented and commented on local events were the unwritten history of the Irish people

Image of Johnny O’leary Johnny O’Leary

Johnny’s reels, jigs and hornpipes are generally part of the broader national store of music

Image of 73 Merrion Square Irish Traditional Music Archive, Merrion Square, Dublin

Image of Breandán Breathnach, Researcher in Irish Folk Music Breandán Breathnach

“His endeavour, to set up a sound archive which would somehow be the basis of a National Archive of Irish Folk Music.
Breandán’s greatest wish was fulfilled with the founding of the thriving Irish Traditional Music Archive in 1987”

Hugh Shields

Image of Hugh Shields Hugh Shields

“It has been the good fortune of Ireland that he used his many talents, predominantly for the collection and study and publication of Irish traditional song and music, especially that of his native Ulster”

Nicholas Carolan

CDs & An Góilín recommendations

‘Where Linnets Sing’ Image CD cover: Where Linnets Sing

Produced in 2001 this album features four of the better known singers at An Góilín at that time: Grace Toland, Jim MacFarland, Antaine Ó Faracháin and Mairéad Ní Oistín

‘The Cascades of Song’ Image CD cover: Cascades
the CD of the Clare Festival of Traditional Singing, which was released earlier this year to popular acclaim

‘Around the Hills of Clare’ Image CD cover: Cascades

The production of double CD of archive recordings from the Jim Carroll and Pat MacKenzie collection.

This has been described as an inestimable resource by reviewers

‘The Spoons Murder and Other Mysteries’ Image CD cover: Spoons Murder and Mystery

A book and CD of the songs of Con ‘Fada’ Ó Drisceóil, which has been a best seller, and produced by Terry Moylan

CDs recorded by Jerry O’Reilly

Image CD cover ‘Down from your pulpits,
Down from your thrones’

Jerry’s first solo CD has been received enthusiastically.

Jerry is currently in the process of recording his second album

Image Jerry’ new cd Havoc in Heaven

Jerry O’Reilly’s new CD

This is the label of the new CD currently in production, and will be available soon.

News and ‘What’s On’

Recent events

September 18, 2011

Hill 16 celebrations at Croke Park

Victory grasped in the last seconds

Image of Hill 16 celebration 2011 Semi Final Football

Hill 16 celebration : winning the final at Croke Park, September 18th 2011

“I’ve the mother and father of a hangover, but what a day. And to snatch it at the last minute like that was magic!”

Events Coming Soon

September 23 - 25, 2011 (weekend)

Frank Harte Festival 2011

Image of Frank Harte Festival poster 2011

“Those in power write the history
and those who suffer write the songs,
and given our history
we have an awful lot of songs!”
Frank Harte

October 1 2011 (weekend preparation for Convention in 2012 )

NAFCO Ceili Convention

Image of NAFCO Ceili Convention

NAFCO Ceili Convention organised for 2012. Jerry along with interested dancers are invited to participate. See Jerry if you are tempted. There is no fee.

October 19 - November 6, 2011
(2 weeks)

Jerry’s American Trip - blog

Image of American Statue of Liberty

I go on the trip of a lifetime in October, and I’ll be keeping a diary of what unfolds! I think online they call it a blog, so I am to become a regular blogger. I’ve been called some things in my time, but this is breaking new ground!

Jerry’s new CD recording

Image of Jerry O'Reilly

Jerry CD recordings

November 2011 - Due release

Image Jerry’ new cd Havoc in Heaven

This is the label of the new CD currently in production.

Below, the cover of the booklet accompanying the CD containing a great deal of historical background to the songs.

Image Jerry’ new cd Havoc in Heaven

Cover for the CD booklet

Released 2003

image of CD cover for Jerry OReilly

Down from your thrones”
“Down from your pulpits“

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